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Yes Women Face A Lot Of Problems Daily ?>

Yes Women Face A Lot Of Problems Daily

A woman plays a role of daughter, wife and a mother in her lifetime, but today a new role has been added which a woman play is the role of a working lady. Women are expected to play all these roles very perfectly and in doing this they get to face a lot of problems.

Let’s have a look at some of these problems which they face during their day to day life.

Juggle Between Work And Family Responsibilities

Work And Family Responsibilities

This is a very major issue faced by a normal working woman. She needs to always keep a balance between her professional and personal life. Sending kids off to school, cooking food, packing lunch, which she needs to do before going off to work.

Gropers In Overcrowded Buses, trains and metros.

This is one of those issues which a woman faces regularly while travelling in a public transport. Potential gropers have become a huge pain for working women. This is literally horrifying a working woman.

Landlord Starts Taking Sudden Interest If A girl Is Living Alone

Some girls might have left their parents in order to get their own space so that they can live and work freely. So due to this they are intended to live in a rented house. Now for woman who stay alone, it is very notably found that their landlords tend to keep an extra eye on them and notes down every moment of the lady.

They are paid lesser than Men

This has been a case with every working woman. A woman worker is paid lesser wages compared to a male worker though she does the same amount of work that a male worker does. This is literally a part of woman discrimination.

It Gets risky Getting Home Late Nights

Other potential threats to working women is using the public transports when it’s late in the night. Unless you know martial arts or a pro at abusing and self-defence it’s not advisable for working woman’s to use the public transports late into the night.

How To Engage Women Into Leadership Position ?>

How To Engage Women Into Leadership Position

A recent survey has shown some very shocking results showing that women make up about 50% of the workplace in various major countries such as the USA. But still many reputed companies and organizations have failed to attract and retain women in key positions.

But it’s not really easy to develop strategies that encourage women to enter the corporate world and climb to heights in their work.

Here are some truly innovative and effective strategies that will help to attract, retain, and develop women’s leadership at all levels.

women's leadership

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring, which is also known as reciprocal mentoring is a very effective strategy to bring up and encourage female leaders towards most strategic works of a company and create visibility for female talent and break down some of the unconscious bias.

Encouraging Self Care

Providing a self-care facility on-site will ease out the work pressure from the employees and generate an opportunity to take care of themselves during working out without leaving the site. This will enable women to keep a balance between health and work.

The Buddy System

Diversity and gender equality have always been proving vital in encouraging women at their respective workplaces. A buddy system i.e working of male and female employees by matching their shoulders together and working hand in hand on various assignments. This can help in building confidence, create visibility of talent and indulge leadership in women leaders.

Flexible Work Schedules

Having a flexible work schedule can majorly help in empowering women leaders, this may result in an increase of work efficiency regarding female workers and encourage them to get in a leader’s position in the company.

Transparent And Collaborative Career Mapping

Career mapping has helped a lot in developing women workers very effective and generated various career opportunities to create developments at a higher level in order to create higher visibility.

This will effectively help a woman to recognize their career opportunities and develop themselves to be in the leadership position.